5 oz Warming Balm - 6 Units

The RSC Pro-Series products are specially formulated to facilitate optimal fascial release when used in conjunction with tool assisted soft tissue therapy. With their unique friction formula, the balms enhance the effect of manual fascial release, and help optimize tissue tension release. 


The Warming Balm provides up to 6 hours of heat, assisting in improving micro-circulation, and an optimal friction coefficient for fascial release. Can be used pre-exercise to provide heat.


Size: 5 fl oz / 148 ml

Benefits: A warming, lubricating balm designed to increase the suppleness of muscle tissue when used in conjunction with tool assisted soft tissue therapy.  For manual fascial therapy, the balm has the appropriate consistency to assist in maximizing tissue release.

Directions: Apply liberally to the area being treated with tool or hand for smooth and supple application.

Caution: Contains natural heating ingredients which can burn the mucus membrane. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.  Wash hands before touching face or lips.  Discontinue use if irritation or rash occurs.

5 oz Warming Balm - 6 Units
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